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Frequently Asked Questions

You can purchase which courses you need. There is no limit on how many courses you can purchase.

Currently there aren’t any Live Stream Videos perhaps in future, as for now all the subjects and lessons are tailored through video recordings.

You may continue to watch all the courses videos and have access to the courses for 30days starting from the date of enrolment

Yes. This is what our aim stands out different from others. For a month long, you can watch, pause, take notes as many times as you like until you are so confident of that specific topic. If time runs out, then you can always add to cart for another month. Then, you are actually doing Self Assess Learning, S.A.L in short. Doing revision, relearn, reinforce learning, enhancing your knowledge and skills in that area which you were weak earlier.

You can check your workings and answers from the recorded video, step by step

Yes you can, Please use the email above or the message box above to send in your questions or enquiries.

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