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The modern method of learning teaches a lot, but there is no shortcut to success in this world where everything is expected to happen instantly at the flick of the fingers. Therefore, we are bringing the old school method to students so that students can learn at their very own pace and do as much revision as they want, at their own time.

After teaching for 18 years, we find that many students are not able to cope as time is a constraint, especially in a class. Every student has a different learning ability. Some are fast, some are slow, but over here, time is in their hand. Even a private class has limited time slot as no teachers can spend long hours with one student. Likewise, a student will not have that many hours to master a lesson properly as there are many other things to do.
Before the students can master a chapter, the next chapter starts. Then, it will be time for exams. Thus, we are here to allow students to do it at their own pace. They will need the discipline to obtain their success, and no one can do it for them. We can only help and guide, that much we can do for the students.

What are the services we provide?

We provide lessons for primary and secondary schools. Once you become a subscriber, if you are taking Add Maths and you are going to take SPM next year under the old syllabus, you are entitled to go through the form 4 lessons as well. There no such thing as being too late in your studies over here. There are recipes to success, but success is not like instant noodles where you get your noodles within 3 minutes. How my other students reach their A’s, it is through sweat, tears, frustration, and much effort poured into it, patience and perseverance.

You will still need the old method of studying. Prepare a proper book, your pens and pencils, calculator. No matter how many times you watch a video, you might think you understand it, but as long as your hands do not write it down, you will not be able to remember. Copy down the notes; you may pause the video as much as you want. I will teach you clearly if you are willing to go through without skipping anything. When you have clean and bright notes, it will be easier to do your revision. If you forget, then look back at the video.

Practice makes perfect. Print out the questions to do. Not just stare blankly at the questions and watch through the videos for the working and answer. Use the videos to check the answers or to learn from your mistakes. No one will laugh at your mistakes as you are doing it in your own time. If you do not understand from my video, then you can WhatsApp me. I will reply as best as I can. Any other questions that you have, if you are not able to do, you may send me an e-mail.

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Judith Yen

Judith Yen

Hi, I’m Judith Yen and I’ve been teaching in a physical class for 18 years. Making additional maths easier to understand and mastering your maths and even accounts. Making science studying more bearable instead of memorizing from books aimlessly. Writing essays in English and bahasa Melayu more interesting including understanding KOMSAS.

David Poon

Guru Perkhidmatan Cemerlang

Guru Cemerlang

David Phoon

Hello, I am David aka David Phoon. I am a trained and qualified English Language teacher. I have been teaching since 1982. Having 38 years of experience teaching English gives me the cutting edge on the suitable approaches, methods, styles of making my English lessons DIFFERENT and INTERESTING. Many parents are amazed as to why their children who sat through my lessons enjoyed my teaching.
Without any boasting, far be it, testimonials and reviews from my pupils and students alike wrote without any reserves, their personal experiences learning English from me.
Therefore, the success of your child depends on his or her mental development, perception and grasp of the English language.
My role as your child’s PERSONAL TUTOR is to Fine Tune his known English Language Skills and moving into his new development of new English Language Skills, guidance from me to achieve greater heights of the Mastery of English Language skills like the following areas.

  1. Enhancing the Listening and Speaking Skills.
  2. Enhancing the Communicative Skills.
  3. Enhancing the Reading Skills.
  4. Enhancing the Comprehension Skills.
  5. Enhancing the understanding of the rudiments of the syntax and sentence structures of English.
  6. Enhancing the Writing skills.
  7. Enhancing the ability to describe any given non-linear text with the expression of Explicit and Implicit sentences.
  8. Enhancing the correct usages of the Grammar Items during the construction of descriptive sentences.
  9. Develop the fluency and literacy of your child from an English user to become a fluent English speaker.
  10. Importantly, making learning English Language FUN.

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What Our Students Have to Say

Miss Judith is a really patient, knowledgeable and caring teacher. Whenever I face any problems in a mathematical question, she thoroughly teaches me the complete and proper steps into getting the answer. Her way of teaching makes it easier to understand and absorb the information immediately, not to mention, her classes are always fun and interesting which makes the whole learning process more conducive, even when it comes to learning Additional Mathematics.

Carynn See
From Malaysia
English class is always the class I look forward to. This is because English is my favourite language. Mr Phoon always teaches us creative ways to write an essay. He also shows us many interesting extracurricular facts, like how a car works and astronomy. The best part about it is that we always have fun chats in class when we have finished our homework. Just from English class, I get to learn lots of funny and fascinating facts of the world while sharing information to each other to absorb even more compelling facts.
Calvin Lim
From Malaysia
Mr. Phoon is a teacher at SJK(C)Chong Cheng. He is my English teacher this year. I first knew him when I was in standard 3. He came into my class as a substitute teacher.Mr. Phoon told jokes that time, those jokes that would let you laugh until your jaw hurts. Mr Phoon's teaching ways are very different and I like that. If not I will always experience the same old ways. He teaches very well. When there is a new word, he would explain it very carefully. He sometimes would let us copy new grammar like the infinitive and also give essay exercises, those exercises really help me learn new words. However,he doesn't really use the textbook, he says we need to think out of box. But,he still uses it for grammar.When we have a little bit more time, he would tell us real life stories with him inside it. The stories would be about his friends and him, things we should and shouldn't do and the whole 6Q loves it. But,his upmost important thing in his class is "OBEY". He always reminds us to obey. Mr Phoon says obey is number one and studies is number two and yes, this is Mr Phoon's last year in SJK(C) Chong Cheng, we will dearly miss him. All the classes that he has taught will never forget him and those hilarious jokes. Mr. Phoon is a fun and an awesome teacher.
Jefferson Tan
From Malaysia
First of all, I want to thank Mr Phoon for his hard work on teaching us English and making all of his students interested in his class. I still remember the first day of his class.He already gave me his first and best impression. He taught me this word called OBEY. This word stayed at the bottom of my heart and it also changed how I treat my studies. In Mr. Phoon's class he always tells us jokes and gives us wide knowledge. He never gives up on our English. Even though sometimes we do not understand he will continue to teach us without hesitation. He tries to use interesting and creative ways to teach us. He also gives us extra vocabulary and general knowledge. You can't find such a good teacher in this entire world too to be honest. He does not give us lousy homework but instead try to make the homework interesting. All I am left to say is this teacher is a really excellent teacher. He helps us when things get tough. Pick us up when we fall. Mr. Phoon, my beloved teacher will always stay deep in my heart and I will never forget the love and kindness he gave and showed me. Last but not least, Thank You Daddy. (Mr phoon)
Ryan Onn
From Malaysia
A teacher is a person who imparts knowledge, values, virtue and is a source of inspiration to students at school. Mr Phoon is my English teacher in school. He is a dedicated, caring, responsible and a friendly teacher. Mr Phoon is wiling to sacrifice his time on students. He would extend online class to explain some difficult questions to students even after the time has ended. He would never clam himself up when students ask questions. Mr Phoon always keeps his eyes peeled on the condition of students during his class. To make sure students have drink enough water, he always reminds them to drink enough water especially those who are under the weather. Besides that, Mr Phoon is also a responsible teacher. He never forgets to prepare materials before he starts a class lesson. As the saying goes, 'practice makes perfect', he always assigns homework for us in Google classroom. Last but not least, Mr Phoon is friendly too.He treats his students like his friends and family. He gives us advice instead of scolding us if we did something wrong. If there is a conflict between students, he would break the tension. As one of his students, I am very lucky to have such an excellent English teacher. I will study hard to succeed in my educations to not disappoint Mr Phoon. Thank you so much Mr Phoon!
Quinta Yong
From Malaysia
I never thought that school would be fun when I was in standard one. I thought that school was just homework and studying. Until when I was in standard three, I met this teacher who made me look forward to going to school, especially his classes. This teacher is Mr Phoon. He taught me for many years. He made learning fun for me. I always enjoy his classes to the fullest. He tells us jokes to make us remember easier. Sometimes when we make mistakes, he always forgives us. He is also a kind man. He sometimes also give us some knowledge that is extracurricular. He also made me love reading. And because of that, I pass my exams with flying colours. I hope I can still gain knowledge from him in the future.
Tan Yit Swen
From Malaysia
Among all the teachers in class, Mr Phoon is my favourite teacher. He teaches us English. He is very friendly and cares a lot about his students. Unlike any other teacher, Mr Phoon uses many different kind of ways to teach us English. He tells us funny jokes too. He uses his creativity to teach us English. When it comes to our exams, he gives us many gold nuggets and tips to help us in the exam. He also lets us watch many educational videos to help us learn. We are thankful to have Mr Phoon as our English Teacher. We must obey to his every word and respect him. I am lucky to have Mr Phoon as my English Teacher.

Denisha Tan
From Malaysia
Without a good teacher we shall never be successful in life. Among all the teachers, Mr. Phoon is my favorite teacher. He is friendly and caring towards everyone. He teaches us English. He is like a friend to all students. He uses a unique method to teach us. He does not use the same old way most teacher would use. He use his creativity to teach us. His unique teaching method is easy to understand compared to the other methods that most teachers use. Sometimes, he will let us see some videos that are related to our topics, it helps us know better. When examination is around the corner, he will give us some essay tips to help our essay become a creative and wonderful essay. Although he doesn't give much homework, but he uses his incalculable ways to teach us. Sometimes he teaches us more than the textbook provide. He gives us many gold nuggets that are useful for us in future. We are thankful to have such a great teacher, we must appreciate his teaching and obey. I am grateful to have such a good teacher.
Kathryn Soon
From Malaysia
Life gets bored whenever I am at school, except studying and doing homework, there is nothing to be done especially during language subjects. However, when I am in std 4, I realised that my class gets interesting and lots of fun since Mr Phoon teaches me. My attitude is better than when I was a kid. Furthermore, I learn way more further than normal grammar English. I get to learn a lot of keywords especially when he is speaking, writing essays with us. He treats our students as a friend, for example, he checks on us when we are sad, sharing all of his knowledge he has. Remember when I was in std 1, my marks was just 80%, but now, I get 90%+. Because of Mr Phoon, I can get flying colours especially in English. Since that day, I like English. English is fun. I like it.
Ernest Tan
From Malaysia
Teacher since the day I have come to your tuition my result has started to improve as much as I never expect it to be and that helps me a lot. Especially before going to your tuition classes. I had to face a lot of problems with my homework but thanks to you I had as easy time to settle them now. Even though tuition is just teaching us knowledge, you have changed my bad behavior. While I was down or facing any problems you are always there for me anytime anywhere. The way you teach us make me not feel bored and hopeless in your class. You motivate people and light up people's life. I'm grateful to have you as my teacher and help me in any bad situation.

Tan Wei Cheng
From Malaysia
I would like to talk about my teacher, Mr. Phoon. He teaches us English. Since he started teaching me, I started to find more interest in English. He taught us English using funny methods so that it is easier to be memorised by us.

Daphnie Su
From Malaysia
Relaxing and fun. I learn a lot of things. You are a good and dedicated teacher. I enjoyed attending your classes. My drawing of my fav Teacher
Koay Zhe Yi
From Malaysia
I really enjoy you teaching me while I was form 1 because I will never get bored of your lessons. It's because you will always think of some funny nicknames and jokes to make your lessons more interesting than the other lessons. Other than that, I really like your personality. You are like a very supportive teacher who keeps pushing us up even though sometimes we are having troubles in studying. You will always teach us patiently and not teaching us using anger. The favourite part that I like you teaching me is because you sometimes give me some bonus like a candy or foods when I have achieved something. Last but not least, I feel really grateful that you are one of my best teachers I ever met in my lifetime.
Lee Jin Hong
From Malaysia
The 2 years I spent with Teacher Judith's classes still hold a place in my memories and my education despite it being many years since I have graduated. Before I continue, the subjects that I took under her were additional mathematics, Mathematics and accounting. To this day, as a Computer Science Major, both her mathematics classes have taught me concepts that still help me learn and understand my major faster. For that, I am forever grateful. Although I did not further my studies into accounts, her classes have ensured that I will never be clueless when my friends or colleagues discuss about the topic as her way of teaching the concepts have been ingrained with me to this day, lastly, she is engaging and interpersonal to every student, making sure none of me or my fellow tuition mates are ever left out or left behind which is a trait I have hardly experienced in my other tuition classes.
Lam Eshuen
From Malaysia
I’m a student of Ms Judith since form 1 and now that I’ve graduated from secondary school, I miss her class so much. She’s a very good teacher as she will explain any math question you don’t understand till you fully understand.She can also speak mandarin,English and Malay well too! Her class is fun as she’ll sometime crack some jokes during the class. The students in her class are also friendly. I’ve been getting good math results with her guidance. Ms Judith is also a very friendly teacher as she’ll talk to you personally and give you advice. I really enjoyed her class and I miss her class so much. I also got A+ for both Math and Add math in SPM and one of the biggest factor of getting this achievement is because of her guidance and encouragement. She helped me a lot and whenever I have a math question that I can’t solve, she’ll explain till you fully understand. Even when you cannot solve a math question at home, she’ll message you the solution and explain it till you fully understand.She really cares about her student as she wants the best for them. She’ll even have extra classes for students before exams. I am really grateful to have a teacher like her. If I were given a chance to study math & add math again, I will choose Ms Judith’s class again without a doubt.
Ng Yao Hong
From Malaysia
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