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Form 1 Mathematics (Chapter 1)

Chapter 1: Rational Numbers


Form 1 Mathematics (Chapter 10)

Chapter 10: Perimeter and Area


Form 1 Mathematics (Chapter 11)

Chapter 11: Introduction of Set

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Judith And David
Founders of Infinite Blessing Success Enterprise

The virus never left and life is not to be gambled and caution should not be thrown out of the window. If any of you contracted the virus from my place, I will never be able to sleep in peace at night, and if any untoward thing happened to any of you, I will never be able to compensate a life, no amount of money, tears and the word ‘sorry’ can ever replace a human life. I can’t even pop an instant child out of my womb as replacement

There will never be headache anymore whether the classes are clashing with other classes or school activities, no worries about transportation and many more other hiccups, you can pause our videos as many times as you wish, learn at your own pace, if you need to burn the midnight oil and study while others are asleep, go ahead, don’t have to follow the sequence of chapters

This part needs to be built. I believe that if you are able to spend countless hours on computer games, Facebook games, watching YouTube shortclips, and chatting endlessly without being asked or forced to, you are able to also find time to study without being nagged at. It all boils down to your own priority, which one is more important for your future, education or entertainment

What Our Students Have to Say

What makes her different from other teachers is the ease of assimilation of information. She is able to communicate with students well which is an important aspect in ensuring students are able to excel. She portrays a two-way learning and teaching style which allows students to feel more comfortable learning with her. She is flexible on her teaching styles and always making herself available to tend to students’ queries if she can. She does not go by the concept of “teachers are always right”. She prioritises the achievement of the students above her own personal interests. She never fails to plan ahead of time ; hence allowing students to rest and excel at the same time. All in all, she is the teacher that every scholar would want.
Jansen Oon
From Malaysia
Ms Judith is a knowledgeable and caring teacher. For the past 3 years under her guidance, I have grown tremendously as a student as well as a person. Her lessons are always up to date with the current syllabus and is never once boring. She teaches with a flexible speed ; paying attention to all her students according to their level of understanding. She is patient and constantly makes sure her students understand whatever they are learning. She equipts her students with vast variety of exercises to prepare them for the unpredictable questions in the examination. Personally, I learnt PT3 science, upper secondary modern maths and additional maths from Ms Judith. Even after so many years, I will always remember how she could make each subject interesting to me. I'll always appreciate her endless effort in helping me with my studies especially in additional maths. Looking back to secondary days, Ms Judith was what I would call my superteacher that helped me navigate through my studies and life. She is a teacher what every student will be blessed to have.
Michelle Mah
From Malaysia
It was both a fun/serious learning experience, because u were more like a sister/friend to us rather than a vv formal teacher. U always joked with us when its the appropriate time, but then get to serious mode whenever needed, so theres this sort of balance in yr teaching which i rlly rlly enjoy and find it rlly nice to have a teacher who is so happy go lucky yet serious when she needs to be with us at the same time, n also u took care of us like we r yr family as well n i rlly rlly appreciate tht u r literally the best teacher/sister i could ever ask for🥺🥺 and ttn time with u was nvr dull, like i used to dread going to ttn for other subs and altho u taught us add math, n its a sub im weak in, i still look forward to attend yr class!! n i rlly appreciate tht time a day right bfore i sat for add math paper during spm, u taught me from noon till night in yr hse, and even cooked me dinner😭 i honestly dk how i got so lucky to have a teacher like u tht i dont think i deserve cause i rmb i didnt manage to always finish up yr papers like the others so OVERALL U R A VV SPECIAL TEACHER/FRIEND/SISTER IN MY HEART!!!
Christine See
From Malaysia
Seriously the best tuition teacher I ever had!!! You care for us like your own children!!🥺 Your classes are always super fun and enjoyable! You know when to be serious and when to lift up our mood during classes. You have been really nice to us and willing to go the extra mile to teach us! I’m always that super blur student in the class and yet you have been very very patient to teach me and even motivate me when I feel like I can’t do it anymore. You have always been more than a teacher to me. You’re more like my sister which really really care for studies and even my life! I remember you giving me extra lessons until night just to make sure I’m ready for the examination the next day. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for your help! I’m really really grateful to have you as my teacher😭❤️ seriously the best of the best I love you teacher!🔥
Cheah Pei Juen
From Malaysia
My name is Jun Hong, and currently a dental graduate. I’ve had the pleasure to have Miss Judith to be my tutor for modern maths and add maths back in 2011 and 2012. It’s not only just that Miss Judith is knowledgeable in what she teach, but also she made it so easy to understand. That is what separates her from the other tutors. I even managed to love maths because of her! You will not regret picking her as your tutor, guaranteed
Tan Jun Hong
From Malaysia
I've been a student of Ms. Judith since form 1. She is a responsible yet humorous teacher who can make maths classes as fun as possible. My results in maths have been on a stable track ever since I went to Ms Judith's classes. I'm really grateful to be one of her students and I thank her for her diligence and hard work in our lessons.

Loo Kai Wei
From Malaysia
I’m YiHong, graduated from University of Malaya in 2018. I’m grateful to have Ms. Judith as my Math & Add-maths tutor when I was in high school. Prior to signing up to her class, I remembered on my first Add-maths exam I only scored 22 marks. Thanks to her guidance eventually I scored A+s on both subjects in SPM and successfully got into matriculation.

Tan Yi Hong
From Malaysia
Teacher Judith was a fantastic teacher, always available to us and very patient. Her passion and knowledge really encourage me to engage fully with the class. She is extremely friendly, happy and easy-going, which made the class very comfortable and fun. Overall, one of the best class I've ever taken. Really appreciate on her help me scored a colourful result in my SPM. Do register the class, trust me, you will enjoy the class with this awesome teacher everyday.
Tan Ee Wei
From Malaysia
My A for Additional Mathematics and A+ for Modern Mathematics in SPM are definitely thanks to Ms Judith. I have always struggled especially with Additional Mathematics with poor grades like D’s and E’s for the first few terms in form 4. Since then, I have signed up for Ms Judith’s tuition classes and have improved a lot with better results. She is really one of the best teachers out there. Her unceasing effort and guidance to do her best in teaching her students to understand, is rare. In class, her techniques and explanations are well presented to ensure that her students understand. She never holds back from receiving any questions from her students and does her best in explaining. I have never came across any teacher who is so down to earth and doing her best to aid every student, even when it is outside the class time. To her, no students are stupid, only lazy ones. If you are willing and wanting to improve in Mathematics, she is definitely the one. I am so glad and have never regretted my decision to have her as my mathematics teacher because I would have never expected such improvement.
Lim Hui Ern
From Malaysia

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